Written by: Donia Assar

Egypt is slowly developing with the mindset of the people following the same steps and accepting ideas that evolve around having fun and expressing your opinion. Even though there’s still a percentage that is not following an ‘open-minded’ approach, Egyptians at large can’t fathom some ideas. Below are a few examples:

1. Visiting a therapist:

There isn’t any written rule stating that only ‘crazy’ people should visit a therapist. A therapist is a total stranger who has vowed to keep your secrets no matter what will listen to you without judging and can even help you in the simplest way. Having many celebrities visit a therapist indicates that it’s a normal thing to do and is the perfect escape from the world.

2. 30 and not married:

This goes for all the women out there. Life doesn’t revolve around the idea of getting married and just becoming a mother, there are more important goals in life to achieve. Many successful women around the world are not married and are living the perfect life. This, however, does not mean that they will remain single forever. It’s just a step that has been postponed.

3. Drinking:

Even though it has been around for a while and many people drink, some people still can’t accept that idea and are always attacking them with rude comments. Yes, it’s not the norm in our culture but the fact is many people do drink. All you can do is just lay back and stop caring about them.

4. Women smoking:

Yes, this is an unhealthy habit but many men smoke and they don’t get shamed for it. Women smokers are not harming anyone but themselves, and we can’t just forbid them. All we have to do is live and let live.

Marilyn Monroe with a Cigarette.

5. A guy marrying an older woman:

Doesn’t mean she should be 10 years his senior, and even so, you never know maybe they’re actually in love. Just leave the lovebirds alone.

The right path to tolerance is just accepting everyone around you and letting go of all the negativity.