With most of us trapped indoors, we realized that two days are more than enough to know how an unpleasant (still necessary) holiday this is. But worry not, happiness can still be found even at QUARANTINE!

However, we will spare you the old “fun things to do during quarantine package” and we’ll jump straight to the DONT’S!

Don’t Text Your Ex

We know it’s hard and you’re so bored, but pretty please DO NOT TEXT THAT EX of yours. Not for fun, not even for a quick hello. You’re only doing this because you are emotionally unstable during the global hysteria!

Don’t Confess Your Crush

With rumors about the world ending, you might think it’s a good idea to confess your love to that one crush. News flash, think this through. The world is hardly ending and you’ll probably regret this.

Don’t Gain Weight

Let’s remember that people usually eat too many carbs in winter already. Let alone a quarantine winter. Indulge in some snacks but don’t load up on too many carb-based ones. Summer is just around the corner, stay strong!

Don’t Get Divorced

If you’re happily married, staying in for two weeks can come as a shock in the curve of your relationship with your spouse. Instead of fighting over silly stuff, try to bond over the holidays.

Happy quarantine, everyone!