Relationships and Cheating

Cheating is despicable and nothing a cheater says should be an excuse. That’s for cheaters, though. Sometimes, some people are mistaken for cheaters when they aren’t. Here are some reasons why.

You Don’t Share Much

One problem many people don’t suspect they’d run into while dating is sharing, much or not at all. Some even see not oversharing as something to be commended. However, that’s not true about everyone.

For many, sharing is everything so when you’re too aloof or secretive, it can be taken as something else.

You’re A Tad Too Flirty

Another reason why your significant other might think you’re of the wandering eye is that you’re flirty. Sure, she may have known that you have a flirty side before but as time goes on, sometimes with hits to self-esteem, that might become an issue.

What you can do here is communicate and reassure the person you’re with. Sometimes, that’s all she’ll need.

She Might Have Experienced This Before

If the person you’re dating thinks you’re cheating, she may be doing it out of precaution rather than suspicions.

She may have been cheated on before and, naturally, anyone who has been there might be a little tense when it comes to relationships. Once bitten, twice shy after all.

You Might Need To Work on Trust-Building

Most relationships need trust to survive. After all, if you don’t have trust, you kind of have nothing. There’s nothing new about this fact but a lot of people tend to forget it.

Work on that with the person you’re dating. Make sure to talk if you’re having doubts or odd thoughts.

You’re Not A Good Listener

Yes, sometimes the main reason why the person you’re dating thinks you’re cheating can be that you’re not paying attention.

As we’ve mentioned, communication is key. If there’s no one to listen to the conversation happening, though, what is the point? It’s a two-way street and you’re going to need to cross it.

If she’s having any doubts, make sure to confront them right away. It’s not good for anyone to let these issues marinate.