everything wrong

Sometimes it feels like the universe is literally conspiring against us and that everything is going wrong for us. A person who wants to find happiness must learn to embrace pain. How can this be? The answer lies in understanding the true definition of happiness.

1. Nothing is permanent

Always remember that nothing lasts forever. It is not permanent and all of this shall eventually pass. Things always get better no matter what! Be it a disaster, pain, bad mood, depression, stress, etc… After the storm, comes the rainbow.

2. Worrying will only make it worse

Worry all you want, but it will never make things better if you do. Start thinking of solutions instead. People who spend the most time worrying are the ones who actually accomplish the least.

3. Keep going at all costs

It’s okay to feel weak, stressed, sad, or any other negative feeling! It’s okay to have all your life messed up; as long as you eventually get up! Take your time, feel the pain, acknowledge it and go on.

4. Life shouldn’t be perfect 

Just like there’s heaven and hell, good and evil, happy and sad, negative and positive… There are ups and downs; and for your life to be balanced and your emotions to be stable, you have to encounter everything and its complete opposite.

5. Acknowledge and embrace

Running away from your problems is the actual problem. Stand up, don’t ignore your problems, face them. Finally, make a friend of your problems! Understand and embrace them.. That’s the key!

Although you may have to scramble to get out of your current hole, it can be done—and you will do it! Just remember that you have to put up with the worst that life has to offer, in order to eventually arrive at the very best.