How many times have you seen a man with a straight poker clueless face after his girlfriend/ female-friend/wife/mother has done something that seems so absurd to him; it left him speechless. Well, we’ve seen this face…A LOT! Men and Women have many differences; it’s a no brainer but sometimes, only sometimes, women can seem a bit “extraterrestrial” to men. Below are a few examples:

1. Driving

It seems like it’s a universal thing. Women like to leave a 5cm space between them and the steering-wheel…Why? I honestly have no clue! It just feels safer/more controllable.1

2. Going to the bathroom in groups

Us, females, take our bathroom trips very seriously! Bathrooms are for gossip, advice, bonding, mingling, sharing tips and makeup, crying, hugging, taking pictures…and peeing.بنات العراق في الحمام (2)

3. Talking on the phone for hours

Do you know how trees start with tiny seeds, stems, trunks then hundreds of branches? Well, that’s basically how our conversations develop. We start off with a quick round up of the latest news which takes us to Ahmed’s sister’s ex boyfriend’s accident on Mehwar 3 years ago, where he met the love of his life who turned out to be his ex’s cousin. Who’s Ahmed? Ahmed is Samir’s best friend’s brother; Samir is a friend of Dana (Salma’s sister). Okay, you get the point; we’re blabbers!mean-girls-phone-call

4. Taking ages to get dressed 

Women like to look good; who doesn’t? The problem lies in our unlimited wardrobe options! We can own three different colors of the same top or four different boyfriend jeans! Tank tops, makeup, perfume, hair styles, creams…So many decisions…So many choices…Of course, we’re going to take ages!!Told-you-Ill-be-ready-in-5-minutes

5. Shopping in groups 

Men either take a friend or two when they’re shopping or just go solo. Women on the other hand, like to take shopping as an opportunity to pamper themselves and catch up whilst buying clothes. The more people they take out shopping, the merrier!635899739502160375801650205_take