Happy Birthday to The King! The much-acclaimed Egyptian singer and movie star turned 63 today and we’re reminiscing his three-decade old musical career.

In honor of Mohamed Mounir’s birthday, we decided to reveal 5 things you did not know about him.


1. A Man Who Defies Trends

Mohamed Mounir like we know him has always been true to himself and his unique aesthetic viewpoint. The moment he made his first on-stage public performance, he caused a stir due to his casual attire; people were baffled because in 1975, singers were expected to wear suits.


2. Forced To Leave His Home

Mohamed Mounir spent the majority of his childhood in his hometown and place of birth in Aswan. He was forced to flee the village of Manshyat Al Nubia because of a devastating flood caused by the Aswan Dam that completely wiped out his home. He quickly settled in Cairo where he continued his studies at the Helwan University.


3. His Career Span

Mohamed Mounir has been going on a constant successful career path. His personal trophies include a total of 28 music albums, 12 movies, 4 television series and 3 plays.


4. The King is The King

His fans nicknamed “The King” or “Al King” due to his popular album and play “El Malek Howa El Malek”.


5. His Real Name

It turns out that the name we’ve always known is just an alias. His full name is Mohamed Mounir Mohamed Aba Zeed Gebriel Metwally. (Mohamed Metwally). Who knew?


Although Mohamed Mounir has been generally a private person, he’s always been outspoken through his musical lyrics and controversial topics. He’s one of the fewest artists who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. We wish you the best birthday ya King!