dinner hosting

Christmas is right around the corner, which can only mean one thing: Holiday parties are around the corner too! Now, there is no clear-cut guideline to being the perfect hostess with the mostess ala Monica Geller, but there are always several ways you can try.

So, what makes the perfect holiday party host? Other than wit and charm, we guess everything else is manageable.

All you’ll need will be good catering, theme, and party games, among other things. Just because these things are a given, though, doesn’t mean you have to go about them the predictable way.


Let’s be real, your Christmas dinner won’t be just a dinner. It will be a dinner party and what party wouldn’t be made better with a theme?

The key to picking your theme here is knowing what will make your guests excited, ready for a laugh, and looking forward to your party.

You could go the Jack Skellington route and make it a costume-themed dinner. Another way to go is a standard masquerade, which will certainly be a different and an interesting twist to a classic dinner party.

If that doesn’t quite fit your image, then maybe a 1920’s theme to embrace the new decade as well as to be the perfect excuse for you to dress up in your flapper best.


You can remove, mix, and match any element from a dinner party and it will somehow all work out. The one component that you will not be able to change, though, is food.

Whether you cook or you cater, the dishes and portions will depend on the number of guests you have invited. Knowing how hectic it’ll be to organize and host a dinner party, though, we’d advise you to cater.

Fortunately, your catering options are plenty! You can try stacking up on home cooked meals from the application Mumm or the many restaurants that offer catering options. For a different ethnic twist to your dinner, we recommend Zulu.

That’s for the main course and sides, of course. For desserts, Egypt’s many confectionaries are stoked to the brim with cakes, tarts, especially decorated for the holidays in places like Coppermelt.


As any home decorator knows, décor is the air a person breathes into a home. This goes to more than regular interior design and decoration, though. Décor can add a lot to your dinner party.

Get a Christmas tree—artificial is better, of course—and zero in on the nearest antique store to you for some vintage-inspired ornaments. And don’t forget to hang your fairy-lights and stockings to get the most out of the cozy, holiday feel.

You can also check the latest Christmas decoration trends. For the new year, the most popular colors and materials in ornaments will be metal hues as well as rust and warmers colors.


Nothing sets the atmosphere more than a good, tailored playlist. Make sure to update your Christmas playlists with old and new hits from all the icons we know and love.

You don’t have to go the classic Michael Bublé route either if you don’t want to. Figure out what vibe you want your party to have.

If you’re going for something classic, play all the old favorites like Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams, Ella Fitzgerald, and Nat King Cole.

If you want something fresher, well, newer artists like Sia, John Legend. The Beach Boys, Mariah Carey, Weezer, and NSYNC have all released Christmas albums for your listening pleasure.

Game Time

Now that we’ve ate and danced and admired the view, we can safely say it’s time for some fun and games. Okay, we’re adults but just because we are, it doesn’t mean we have to talk light topics at the table for the rest of the day.

In the spirit of treating your inner child and in spirit of a joyful occasion, why not incorporate a few classics into your after-dinner phase of the evening?

You can add the showstoppers like Monopoly, UNO, Snakes and Ladders, Jenga, Cards Against Humanity, and many more.

If you want to put a twist on game night, you can always add physically requiring games like Twister or an oldie-but-a-goldie in Hide and Seek.

Share the spirit and the fun!