If you’re one of those girls who always dreamt of the perfect beach wedding with a sandy touch and a breathtaking sunset background, there’s definitely a lot to consider. Especially, here in Egypt. So, here are some simple do’s and don’ts to consider in order for everything to go right on your big day!

Right Dress

Let’s start with the highlight of your day, shall we? For starters, ditch the big gown. If there’s one rule for a beach wedding, this is it. You don’t wear a puffy dress with a long tail that you’ll be dragging around because it’ll get really messy. Plus, it will kill the whole vibe of the breezy wedding you imagined.

Go for a simple flowy dress. Believe us, anything else won’t be a good look and it will totally defeat the whole purpose. No one wants to leave their groom hanging while they keep fixing their dress!

Wind Proofing Everything

Winds at a wedding beach are just inevitable. So, make sure the entire decor is wind-proofed. You will probably need a wedding planner for this task. You simply can’t handle the decor yourself, you need every item to be tested beforehand for the possibility of any surprising heavy winds.

Timing The Photos

For just the mesmerizing sunset pictures you always wanted, we suggest you have your photos taken an hour before the sun goes down. This way, you’ll have the natural lighting you need without any overexposure to hurt your eyes.

Guest Picking

Okay, here’s the tricky part. If you have a 500 guest list, this won’t work. You need to cut your guest list down. Like really down. Another detail to keep in mind is the type of guest to invite. You see, not everyone will agree to go the distance. So, CHOOSE WELL.

Makeup & Hair

Last but not least, hair and makeup. Minimalism, we can’t stress this enough. But before we get to that, you need your hair and makeup stylist to be as punctual and cooperative as possible.

As for the makeup, a simple earth-colors look will be great and appropriate. And the hair, you can either have it in a simple updo to avoid any hassle, or you can always resort to the beachy waves!

Remember ladies, keep it simple and stay worry-free!