Most of our jobs are literally keeping us tied to our desks the whole day. In many cases, we just ┬ácan’t break free from the pending workload that we have, the never ending piles of files on our desks, the daily meetings with our top management, the deadlines for everything. ┬áBut, most importantly, we rarely give much consideration to the fuel that keeps us going, that is food.

1. Pack Healthy Lunches

Avoid  lunch that tends to be over-sized, fatty and high in calories. What about having a mini cold cut or a grilled chicken salad?


2. Watch what you eat

Don’t overeat while checking your e-mail. ┬áFor lunch, you need to pick up a meal that doesn’t fill you up!


3.  Trail mix is really beneficial

A handful of nuts has great nutritional value


4. Walk when you can

Don’t spend your lunch break sitting on your desk! Look for ways to move during the day.


5.┬áDon’t make it a habit

Break the habit and catch up with some colleagues instead of being tied to your desk