5 tips to perfect working from home

Things have changed quite a lot in the past few weeks, haven’t they? As we write this article, we’re positive everyone’s safely isolating themselves in their self-quarantine today and you know what this means. A lot of people are going to be working from home.

There’s just one tiny problem with that concept, though. Not everyone’s accustomed to working from home and some people still do find it a bit troubling.

If you want to perfect this whole working from home concept, be sure to follow these tips.

Set some ground rules with the people living with you

The biggest issue about working from home, as many of us know, is our roommates. Whether you’re living with family or other roommates, their lives will go on and sometimes that means a lot of noise, possible disruptions to online meetings, and much more.

To avoid this hassle (and all the fighting that will ensue), you’ll need to set down some ground rules for working from home with your family or flatmates.

Keep your regular hours and routine

Getting used to working from home can be a bit tough at first, which is why you’ll need to find a morning routine to strictly follow from freshening up to breakfast to getting to work.

Another thing you’ll find useful in this routine is that you keep your regular work hours, as in you don’t shave off an hour or add any others. Keep your efficiency the exact same as it was in the office.

Schedule frequent breaks

All work and no play makes us all tired and grumpy and unwilling to do anything else, which is why you don’t have to be too hard on yourself when working from home.

Remember, you’re keeping your same work schedule which also means keeping your break times because they’re the only times you can disconnect and relax from the workload. It will do wonders for your energy levels, trust us.

Make a fixed workstation

Another thing that might make working from home somewhat difficult is the fact that, well, you’re working from home and that can temper your work ethic at first.

The best way to combat this is to make a stable workstation room, one that will be the only place where you will work. Kind of like an office, if you will. It’s preferable if it’s away from the rest of the family, too.

Get up to stretch every once in a while

Remember when we said regular breaks are good for you because they allow you to disconnect, relax, and will keep your energy levels up?

Well, the same goes for regular stretching. Every few breaks, you need to get up and stretch and move around, so you’ll get your blood flowing and body tension relieved.

It’s just the same old job in a (kind of) new setting. Make the most of it!