Tayeb, Sherine Abdel-Wahab has been amazing us for years now, from the unbelievable transformation from ”Mido Mashakel,” to basically doing everything that you’re not supposed to do on camera. When people started forgetting about all of the ridiculous things she did….She would strike again! Here are the times Sherine went over the line.

1. Karar el e3tezal el rege3et fi ba3d 4 days

Shereen announced her retirement last week, and 4 days later, she took it back. She posted online saying that she respects her fans and wouldn’t want to let them down, and that this was not an act of publicity.

images-62. Sherine’s fight with her neighbor Sherif Mouneer

Sherine lived in the apartment above Mounir, and water was leaking from her flat into his. When Mounir complained to Sherine politely, she responded by screaming in front of Mounir’s entire family using profane language.

3. Her “demoo3 w barbeer” picture

Uploading a “demoo3 w barbeer” picture as an apology… Eh ya Sherine el drama el mobtazala di? Mesh keda…And apparently Sherine is a bit bipolar in decision making; she removed the picture after the sarcastic comments and posts on social media.


4. When she told Kazem El Saher “ana 3ayza baby” on The Voice

Ya3ni, 3ayza eh ya Sherine? Let’s be honest though, who doesn’t want Kazem’s babies…

5. Sherry the wild cat strikes again with Amr Mostafa

Apparently, Sherine has a history with smelly feet; after Amr and Sherine threw shade at each other, Amr threw his comeback saying “eftekrey bas ree7et reglik.”



In the end, Sherine has a beautiful voice, which we suppose wouldn’t be complete without her dramatic/overboard self.