Ever cancelled a trip with certain friends because you know for a fact they make the worst travel buddies in the world?

You would rather travel solo than have them tag along with you.
Everyone loves to travel, but not everyone is blessed with perfect travel buddies. So when you do stumble upon this precious bunch, hold on to them and never let go!

And when the stars align and they are free to go on a trip with you, things couldn’t be any better.
It’s not really about where to and how. Whether you are travelling by car, bus or airplane; it’s important to find companions that are on point with you.

So, what makes a good travel companion?

Being Socially Smart


Some people are just naturals. Your friend knows when to talk, when to sing, when to socialize, and when to keep quiet. They even add to the trip by taking care of all the necessary chores, like arranging accommodation, booking flight tickets and planning activities.

A Backpacking Savant

I like to call those the guardians. In his/her backpack, they have a solution for everything! You were in a hurry and forgot to pack your shampoo? They have a spare one. Forgot to get sunscreen and don’t want to look like Donald Trump? They got a spare!

You see, the best travel companions are natural problem-solvers, even if they don’t have a solution for everything, they know where and how to find it.

Awesome Taste in Music 

A long road trip beckons for an awesome playlist. If your travel companions share the same taste in music, time will just fly!
If not…well…just don’t travel with people who don’t click with your music.

A Good Storyteller

Sometimes we travel to escape the urban chaos. If you are in a remote place with no access to technology whatsoever, you may start to think that the trip is too dull.
That’s when it helps to have this friend with a lot of exciting stories. I like to call those the awesome future grandpas/grandmas. They have seen and been through so much stuff in life and lived to tell the tale.
Those friends make the trip very interesting; you can root awkward silence out.

The Jack/Jill of All Trades

Now imagine someone who can be all of these things combined…ah, but not in a paranormal, life-threatening way.

“…which would be a red flag…”

Aside from traveling, this friend is important to have; they just know everything, like the difference between ba2dones and the other two ba2dones plants.


Good travel buddies make any trip double the fun! “Not all who wander are lost…and not all friends can be fun to travel with” – Tolkien.