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As travel became a huge industry, more and more trips are tailored to meet the variant needs of people. And travellers today can make the most out of their trips and find the experiences that most excite and enrich them.

The following trends have become prevalent in today’s travel.


1. Stay in a Home not a Hotel

There are various websites in which people offer their own homes for short lets. This is increasingly becoming the preferred accommodation for many during their holiday, for more than one reason. First, renting out someone’s home usually saves significantly on the cost of accommodation, especially for a family or a group of friends. Secondly, renting someone’s cottage, house or even city centre flat is more of a personal experience. It feels like being hosted by a local person; often hosts leave guests tips on what to do, where to go and provide food as a welcoming gesture. There is an embedded sense of a personal exchange in the experience. Finally, being in a home allows you to cook, hence you can go explore the local markets for new ingredients and try some authentic recipes. A travel experience is never complete without delving in the culinary arts.


2. More Movement

With a growing awareness of the importance of being active and the lack of time to fit exercise in the daily routines of many, people are increasingly booking trips that ensure movement as mean of exploration. Many trips are tailored for sporty sightseeing whether through cycling, hiking or horseback riding. These trips give travellers the opportunity to be in nature and explore new sites while maintaining a level of activity. Pick a place you wish to visit and google hiking and cycling trails, or simply historical walks – you will add to your experience.


3. Travel for Music

Music is an integral part of every culture and inevitable for a real taste of any nation. Musical festivals have become popular in the hippy era but have evolved since. And with the internet, music lovers can find out about festivals and music events with an authentic vibe at exciting destinations around the world. Popular musical festivals include Lollapalooza in Chicago, Burning Man in the black desert of Nevada, Bestival in Dorset, UK and Benicassim in Spain. But besides festivals with famous artists, creative installations and laser shows, a concert in the piazza of a medieval Italian town or in a parish church in an English village can be an equally enticing experience. So if you love music and want to make it part of your travel, there is a variety to pick from.  A travel for music can offer you both a cultural and joyful experience.


4. An Adrenaline Rush

Some people go through life seeking adrenaline inducing activities and when it comes to travel, they desire this extra thrill. Many websites today organize trips that take you to mountaintops, thousands of feet above the ground or down into deep waters. Sites that offer mind blowing activities located all over the world. Try the ‘Huashan Plank Walk’, on Mt. Huashan in China; you’ll be just on your palms and toes thousands of feet above the ground. Good luck! How about the Royal Gorge Bridge Bungee jump in Canon city, Colorado? The highest bungee jump in the world – that would be only 321 meters – enjoy the flight.  For some water adventure, try shark diving in Cape Town. There you can take a plunge with hungry sharks protected only by your cage. Can you already feel the adrenaline rush?


5. Travel to Contribute

Many of us feel an urge to contribute and reach out to others but are immersed in our lives and its demanding routines. Trips that involve charity work or agritourism that support local communities is another growing trend in travel. In agritourism, visitors usually stay on a farm site and take part in some of the local activities, bringing awareness of and support to the local communities. Other organizations offer volunteer travel opportunities, where you visit a new country and during your stay you spend a few hours each day teaching young children, giving medical care, helping with restoration or construction projects etc. While agritourism can be found in developed countries like Italy, volunteer travel is more common in developing countries where there is a greater need for help. Agencies like International Volunteers HQ and Volunteer World GMBH have helped thousands of travelers around the world touch lives. If you travel to discover new places, how about also leaving your mark there?

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things

– Henry Miller

Many of us need the holiday simply to relax but also there are a growing number of people who aim through travel to open horizons, find value and feed passion for an optimum experience. The different inclinations and interests people have has changed the travel industry and brought about new powerful trends that bring people together through their shared passion for certain activities. Let’s hope the new trends are a way to break boundaries and create a more inspired humanity.