Wearing makeup can be a hassle for a lot of ladies out there, especially if you’re going out to a restaurant or a party. Well, at the restaurant, you might end up being unable to drink normally because you’re afraid of ruining your lipstick by fading the middle area of your lips, and don’t get me started on how awfully embarrassing this looks. At a party, you may end up going to the bathroom every couple of minutes to check that your eyeliner is still put, your mascara is not crumbly and your foundation is not causing a scene by how cakey it looks.

Worry no more, you will be as comfortable as ever with the following makeup tricks and hacks.

1. Eye-liner lifesaver

While there’s only one tip to lasting lips, there are a couple of them for eyeliner. It’s not very easy to keep your liner put throughout the day, but it’s applicable. First, you need to set your eyes with eye-primer and let it dry. If you don’t have a primer, you can apply translucent powder, line pencil liner, liquid liner for more sharp edges, and then trace your liner with concealer to prevent the liner from smudging or feathering. Applying waterproof mascara will help keep your liner put.


2. Having to fix your lipstick every 10 minutes?

Here’s the thing, your lipstick fades after eating, drinking, or just a couple of minutes talking. Here’s the solution: after applying your lipstick grab a tissue and place it on your lips, and with a brush dab translucent powder on it. Boom your lips are ready!


3. If you don’t have waterproof mascara

The ultimate mascara challenge is to keep it moist to avoid clumpiness. Why keep your mascara moist? Because that’s the key for lasting mascara. To keep your mascara moist, you need to add 5 drops of saline solution and it’s ready.

Applying translucent powder between coatings of mascara gives it a less clumpy full look. Also, Heat your lash curler with your blow dryer before curling your lashes. It will help keep a good curl all throughout the day. The best time to use your curler is before you apply your mascara.


4. Foundation

First you need to make sure that your face is not oily, so the foundation can be absorbed by your skin to avoid having a blotchy look. Then you need to wait 5-10 minutes before applying your setting powder to avoid a cakey look later. These steps will keep your foundation looking fresh and put through the night.

5. Keep your perfume last longer

To keep your perfume scent throughout the day without having to suffocate everyone around by spraying it over and over again, pick your spots. The perfect spots are the back of your elbow, your wrist, behind your ear and your clothes. The scent simply spreads whenever you move. As weird as this might sound, adding Vaseline to where you sprayed your perfume will keep the smell intact.