Some mornings you look at your make-up on the counter and think “I just can’t today.” Maybe it’s because you don’t have time to go through your make-up routine or you just want to authentically rock the natural look. Whatever the reason, here are some quick tricks to freshen your face without grabbing the foundation. 

1- Brush teeth and lips

Hygiene aside, white clean teeth will immediately brighten your look. That might seem like a no brainer, but did you know you should also gently brush your lips? This will remove dead skin and give them a natural glow before you even get a chance to reach for your lip balm (which you still should do to moisturize them).

2- Wash your skin really well

Firmly washing your face with cold water for at least ten seconds will simultaneously remove unwanted oil and grime, flush your cheeks to give you more colour, and close the pores with the cold temperature. It is the best way to look awake and fresh without adding products.

3- Moisturize your face

Whether you use make-up or not, you should always make your skin’s health a top priority. Daily moisturizing will help keep it healthy and avoid blotches that you will be tempted to cover up with heavy layers of make-up, which will only lead to more clogging.

4- Get your eyebrows “on fleek”

You can make or break your face with the shape of your eyebrows. They should always be kept tidy, but will need a little pick-me-up after your beauty sleep. Use your eyebrow brush to follow the natural line, slightly brushing upwards to give your face more lift. You can use a brow serum to help them hold their shape throughout your busy day.

5- Curl your eyelashes

You can define your eyes even without a coloured-mascara. After curling your eyelashes, simply use a clear mascara or comb some Vaseline through them.