Every person needs a trustworthy friend to lean on when things get tough. Each friend is bound to have a quality that is dominating their character, and that’s why friendships are so valuable. The following list includes 5 types of friends everyone should have in their life.


1. The Mother

She is a mix between your best friend and your mother. She is usually the one with no filter, gets mad when you don’t get things together and praises you when you show potential. She is straight to the point and doesn’t like to sugarcoat things. She is the voice of reason, and it’s either this way or the highway.


2. The Partner in Crime

He or she would usually get you in trouble…with the cops, with the bar bouncer, with your partner, with your parents. They are spontaneous and help you rejuvenate your adventurous side. You don’t have to go overboard but remember that having fun isn’t a sin.


3. The Married Friend

Also known as “the experienced one”; he or she should know everything about what to expect in a long-term relationship. They could already be raising a family and ask you to help them babysit their kids. They will give you insight and first hand experience to what life could be like.


4. The Deep Friend

The “who are we” and “what is our purpose” friend. You would need two pills of Xanax before being hit by the reality check of life. But you love hanging out with them because they are realistic, emotional and love to question the world, the people and life. They will open up your mind to many things you haven’t thought about before. Your unbreakable bond will only make this friendship stronger.


5. The Funny Friend

Women laughing together on boat

It’s rare to find a friend that makes you laugh, and we’re talking about the ugly laugh with tears. They are witty and their punch lines are always on point. They might be sensitive at heart, but they love to laugh and there is nothing more beautiful than being around people who spread positive energy.



Best friends are the family you choose to have, so pick them wisely and always remember to return the favor. Loyal friends are forever! 😉