Every circle of friends invariably consists of some or all of these particular types of guys. Which one of those can you match to your friends and more importantly, which one are you?

The Show off

He will flaunt his flashy car, his big muscles, his career skills and more to attract girls! It’s always brag brag brag! he’s generally a good guy and a good friend yet paying attention to some of his bizzare attempts to impress others is desperate AND funny and you never confront him because it’s just TOO funny!




The Player

The bad boy. The playboy. The “I love girls too much to only have one” guy, the one who’s always late because he was on a date with a hot new girl. He may not be the best looking, most successful or well-mannered guy but  attracting girls like a magnet is one of his attributes.




The Gym Freak 

The fitness fanatic. The one who stares at you and judges you while you are devouring a late night double Big Tasty combo and a strawberry milkshake. The one who counts calories and is always pushing you to join a gym. He works out like crazy and posts selfies from the gym with inspirational fitness captions like “sweat more, bitch less”.



The one who’s engaged/married

He loves spending time with his single friends, away from his parents in -Law, her friends or other engaged couple on a double date.




The one who’s always on a diet

“Did you hear about the Paleo diet?” “These pills are magical for weight loss”; “I’m not on a diet, I’m just eating healthy food”; “did I lose weight? Because I lost weight, you didn’t notice I lost weight? Why didn’t you notice that I lost weight?” This is a typical conversation with weight obsessed guys! It’s annoying but you have to be a good friend because you love them and tell them “eh daaaaaa you lost so much weight begad!”