Summer is finally here again, and if you’re single, the prospect of having a summer fling can be even more exciting than eating tacos at the beach. The thing about summer flings is that they are drama free and low pressure. They make you do things you wouldn’t normally do, and if you’re in luck it could be the real thing, who knows. So let’s count down the types of fling scenarios you might encounter this summer.

Scenario #1 Re-couple

If this is your case than you’re no stranger to summer flings! You and your fling do it every summer. Probably the opening line of this relationship is “Hey, remember how it didn’t work out last year? Let’s do it again.” Every year you promise yourself that you won’t get back with him, but as soon as summer starts this promise of yours goes right out of the window.

Scenario #2 Opposites Attract

As we said earlier, summer is a time for trying something different, so you might be looking for breaking out of your usual patterns, and start dating someone so unlike you. It might be the fact that you know full well you won’t have to see him again comes September, or there is some allure to being attracted to someone who is your polar opposite.

Scenario #3 On The Job

For some of us, summer does not just mean beach, sand and fun in the sun; you might be working, or volunteering in some activities…etc. So there is this coworker whom you spend most of your time with every day. So when summer is here, it brings about some romance in the air, and you start to hang out more often and without noticing it turns into a summer fling. Beware, this scenario can get really awkward if you two break up and still have to see each other every day!

Scenario #4 Best Friends

“We’ve known each other for years so how badly could eight weeks screw that up?” Oh boy, the most common scenario of them all, and also the most destructive of all the flings. The fate of a friendship is on the line here. But if it works out, you have won the lottery, dear friend. You could not hope for anything better than someone who knows you inside out like your best friend.

Scenario #5 More Than Just A Fling

And the possibility that it’s more than just fling can’t help but lurk around the corner! You might be lucky and bump into someone who clicks on every level with you; someone with an intriguing mind, a kind heart, or whatever you’re looking for, and it just happened to be summer when you found this person.

So keep an eye for these scenarios, and no matter which one happens to you, we hope that you have a good time this summer.