Have you ever got distracted and lost the track of the conversation at hand in order to think what type the person sitting in front of you is in conversations? I play this game all the time. Let me share my results with you:

The 5 types of people in conversations:

1. The “Yes, yes” type

This type can’t seem to stop nodding at everything you say. You say something is good, they agree. You say a while after that that very same thing is bad, they agree bardo. Ya maganeeen.

 2. The tone followers

Worst type ever. These people are controlled by your tone in a conversation. You state an opinion with confidence, they consent. But sob7an Allah, if you sounded a bit hesitant, the knives are out and you are hit by “la la la la2, I disagree with you.”

3. Ana A3tared Izan Ana Mawgoud

They only want to contradict you, God knows why. You say yes, they say no. You say left, they turn right. 7at2olhomly Nelly Nelly, 7a2olhomlak Sherihan Sherihan.

4. The “Yeah, but…” type

“I agree with you, but…” And what follows the ‘but’ negates all what you just said to them. So the “Yeah” here isn’t more than a courtesy.

5. The rabena yekamelhom b3a2lohom type

What these people say in a conversation has nothing to do with you, but with what they really think about something. They are the best.

So, have you caught other types that we can add to the list?