Egyptian Apps

In this age of rapidly moving technology, you may find yourself about to run an errand or get a task done and think “hey, there should be an app for that”. We can’t say we haven’t been there either, but we’ve personally decided to take it a notch further.

See, if we could invent apps for just about anything, we think a few fields and tasks should be covered. We thought about it so hard we even came up with a list of apps we’d like to see come through soon!


If you’ve been through the hectic educational environment, you’ve thought about having an auto-attendance app once or twice. The process would be simple too, you sign in and sign your name, major, and course and someone would pass by your place, pick up your ID, and signs for attendance in your stead.

Efficient, isn’t it? Well, that’s not all. We’d love to have this for working people, too, in case they’re running late for early morning sign-ins.


As Egyptians, we all know there’s a toll we have to pay in our daily lives — the Faty toll, because just about anyone in our near vicinity will pretend to know more than they do and sometimes, they may have you deceived too!

To save ourselves (and others) from the exaggerations, fact making-up, and tall tales, we need someone to invent the Faty-O-Rama app, an app made specifically to detect general exaggerations and possible scams.


We can’t trust just about any food these days because we already know there’ll be pain and suffering and long bathroom breaks after any form of eating out.

But just because we know there’s no use of blocking that stomach ache doesn’t mean we can’t find out ways to know just how bad it will be. Hopefully, someone invents the “Measure My Future Stomach Ache” app so we can all know just how much indigestion medicine we’ll need.


Whether you’re Instagram-savvy or not, you’ve struggled to come up with creative, witty captions that don’t try too hard. We’ve all been there and we’ve all asked friends, colleagues, and everyone on the planet for a decent caption when we go blank.

Instead of all that, we propose an app that will come up with instant Instagram captions on the spot, so we can all save ourselves the effort.


Okay, picture this! You’re hungry and on the prowl with a few friends but not one of you can come up with one diner, fast food place, or restaurant you can go to. Instead of just giving up and going for the nearest shawerma place, maybe the currently-fictional Akelny app will help!

Yes, the prompt may sound a bit like Otlob but Akelny will have the special function of giving you directions to the nearest restaurants and telling you just where the good, budget-friendly spots are!

What apps do you wish were real?