Officially ending a long-term relationship could be as tiring as doing the one-mile run. It’s a long hectic and exhausting process to say the least.

Below are 5 ways to make a clean break once and for all. 


1. Be Honest Not Brutal 

Let them know why it isn’t working out. Your reasons shouldn’t be common, something that isn’t a big deal, but rather a conflict of interests. You were raised differently; your values and habits clash. You are not alike and you can’t agree to disagree. If no one is compromising or sacrificing, then you are on the right track.


2. Break Up in Person 

We know that breaking up over the phone is much easier than doing it face to face. But confronting the issue in person gives it more depth, seriousness and most importantly respect to the other person. For the sake of the good times you’ve had, you owe your partner that respect especially if the break up isn’t consensual.


3. Are You Moving Forward or Staying Still?

Sometimes we ourselves are as confused as ever. It’s hard to make that final decision and end a long-term relationship based on one huge fight. Sometimes break-ups happen in the moment. But you have to think about whether this relationship has been an overall positive or negative experience. Then you can make such a decision. Are we good for each other?


4. Give Each Other Space

As hectic as this whole process can be, giving each other personal space could come at any time, before or after the break up. Spend some time away from each other to reflect on how you feel without them being around. You might miss them when things cool off, but remember not to confuse missing them or missing being with someone in general.


5. Erase Your Past

Keeping all kinds of memories and holding on to the past will only make it harder for you. You have to let go. This will help you have closure and move on with your life.


Some people find themselves at each other’s throats; remember to stay calm no matter what. Nothing is worth 7ar2et el dam. Handle the fallout with grace and maturity. It’s not about who can have a better comeback but rather how this break-up can be beneficial for both of you.