Everything changes when you grow up and become a “responsible” person. Like everything else El Eid is different when you grow up in so many ways. 

1. You used to take 3edeya, now you give!

Eid was an event where you got rich. The amount of money you used to collect was more than enough to fill your ten-year old pockets. Now that you’re all grown up, you’re expected to give your younger siblings, nieces, nephews and if you have them, your own children 3edeya. You end up with nothing to spoil yourself with, and that is even harder when Eid comes at the end of the month when you haven’t gotten your salary yet.

I'm poor

2. You used to get lebs el 3eid, now you don’t

Remember when you used to shop for Eid? When you used to show off your new clothes in front of everyone awel yom fel 3eed? Now, you don’t have the money, the time, nor the energy to do that.


3. Eid usually meant a long vacation from school, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a long vacation from work

Sometimes you even have to work during the Eid, because after all you’re a responsible grown up.

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4. You probably used to dislike the lunch table that was full of meat and liver. Now you crave it, dream about it, and actually wait for it men el eid lel eid

A lot of us used to get disgusted from the meat and usually preferred to have pizza instead of Fatta, Ro2a2, molokheya, and ma7shi. Now we just wait impatiently for Eid so we can have all of these blessings.


5. You used to spend it with all your family and friends

Now most of you’re friends/family are living abroad or are just busy or even worse you get to spend it with the new family members that you still consider “outsiders” and you miss the days when you only spent it with the close ones

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At the end of the day, Eid is still very special. But nothing can replace the magic that surrounds it when you are still young, innocent, and don’t have to worry about work on Sunday.