Every girl (me included) dreams  of smooth, silk-like skin. A gift not all girlkind have, unfortunately! Let’s start with your shower. Things you do in there will make you or break you, girl. A good shower routine will ensure that you have the best skin ever, so take your time enjoying the process to get the outcome you desire. 

Tip for “shaving in the shower”: It’s important that you understand it’s not a hop in, rinse and hop out! If you truly want to get beautiful radiant skin, you need to follow a strict regimen. 

Let’s start with the basics.

1- Exfoliation is Your Friend


As we all know, exfoliating is key. Getting rid of those old cells will help you glow. It also opens your pores and helps ingrown hairs grow more naturally.

Chocomania body scrub, from The Body Shop, is made from all natural walnut shell and scented in decadent dark chocolate. It’s a great exfoliant because it scrubs the skin without harming it.

2- Always Use Shaving Cream 


Using shower gel as a shaving cream, is a big NO. Shower gel is for rinsing your body and hydrating it, NOTHING more. It’s definitely not for shaving. It can cause damage to your skin, especially after exfoliating when your pores are opened. You’ll want something that can condition the skin while also being mild and hydrating to your pores.

That is exactly what Gilette Satin Care Shave Gel is great with. Coconut oil also works well as a shaving cream, because it conditions the skin post-shaving.

3-  Invest in a Proper Razor


No one wants skin bumps, nicks or cuts. And you definitely don’t want to spend hours shaving on one spot because the razor doesn’t work well.

If you truly want a razor that will give you that close shave, then the Venus Breeze razor by Gilette is the perfect choice. Not just because it gives a great shave, but it also comes with gel additions that give a light lather when you just add water to the razor.

4- Use Lukewarm Water


DO NOT use hot water when you shower! It strips the skin from its natural defenses and oils. Try to keep the water you use at a temperature that is comfortable for you and your skin.

5- Moisturizing is Integral! 


Ending your shower with the the proper moisturizing body lotion will help your body reap all the benefits of the shower and will lock all the hydration in, giving you an amazing radiance. Make sure you apply lotion straight after your shower, preferably while you are still in the tub, to keep your skin soft and radiant.

Baby oil does wonders. Before you towel dry, rub your body with Johnson’s baby oil. It closes the pores and locks the water in.

Voìla, you are ready to step out into the world!