By Hana Yousry

It’s really hard to find decent guys nowadays. So whenever you find one, you better hold onto him. We don’t get to meet up with good guys everyday, do we? In order to keep him around, you have to make him happy. Here are 5 ways to guarantee his happiness:  

1- Show Him Appreciation

Guys love feeling appreciated, especially from their girlfriends. The more you appreciate him and show him your love, the more he’ll be interested in you and the longer he’ll stick around. Thank him for the small gestures he makes, tell him you love him and show him in every way possible that you’re happy he exists in your life.


2- Help Him Accomplish His Goals

He needs to know he has a shoulder to lean on whenever he needs one. He needs to feel supported by the girl he loves. You have to help him achieve his goals by believing in him and showing him how proud you are of what he’s accomplishing.

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3- Don’t Make Him Feel Insecure

Since relationships happen to face insecurities that might be a bit difficult to handle, you have to make sure your partner is happy and satisfied. You have to talk to him whenever you feel like something is going wrong. Ask for his help; guys love it when you ask for their help. Make him feel that you want no one else; make him feel that he’s enough. Make time for him. And, most importantly, make him trust you.


4- Give Him His Own Space

Men always want to have their own space and get a little break from everything and all the drama. It’s fine. Give him the space he needs and make him miss you. Accept the fact that sometimes he’ll prefer having a boys’ night out rather than being with you. Accept the fact that there will be days where he wants to run from all the over dramatic issues and avoid a fight. Don’t blame him when he does. The more you give him his space, the more he’ll be willing to be by your side for as long as it takes.


5- Display Your Affection

It’s really important to express your feelings all the time. It’s never wrong to tell and show him how much you love and care about him, but just don’t be clingy. He has to understand that you love him, but you have other priorities too.

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These are just a few of the many ways you can show your man how much you really love him!