How to re-use your summer clothes this fall

Winter is almost over and we can’t wait for Spring to bring out our favorite spiked shorts from the back of our closets. Instead of waiting a few more months for summer season to start, let’s try to re-invent our winter/ spring outfits using our old summer tops by following these tips:


The best item to help you re-use shorts or skirts is of course leggings. They come in prints, metallics, and different fabrics, so just throw on a pair of leggings, you favorite shorts, and a pair of boots to get the winter look. For extra warmth, wear two leggings on top of each other or leggings on tights.

Cover ups:

By using heavy coats, cute cardigans, and jumpers, wear your favorite tank top this winter without feeling cold. For extra warm up, wear a thermal top underneath it.


Is key when mixing and matching clothes. Buy some long sleeved shirts in solid colors and wear them beneath shorter shirts for a layering effect. The more the layers, the sexier the look.


A nice scarf, cute gloves, or ear muffs are essential to complete your winter look. A big woolen scarf wrapped around your neck can cover up a deep V-cut shirt and can make a light outfit warmer.

Maxi Skirts:

Don’t be shy to wear your summerish maxi skirt with high boots. Fashion trends this winter chiffon maxi skirts believe it or not, so don’t hide your favorite skirt at the back of your closet thinking you won’t be wearing them anytime soon.

The most important tip when re-using summer clothes in the Spring season is to keep warm at all times. Thermals, heavy underwear, and socks will help you feel warm and look great.