Don’t know what to wear in the hot, humid, sultry streets of Cairo? Is Ramadan making you a bit exasperated that you’re finding it hard to figure out what to wear? Well, the newest garment that just “so saved my life” is the light-airy cover-up Kimono. It’s just so right for this kind of weather. I mean, who wants to waste long hours just to figure out what to wear for a quick errand or Iftar, right? It definitely is a master-piece making you not only wear it once but numerous times. In fact, you just should forget all the rules. Step outside the box. Wear it on a black dress for the evening, swimsuit on the beach or even over a T-shirt and jeans.


Tip # 1 – Flare Simplicity As my grandma always says “being simple is key”; you can achieve that by wearing light colours with a kimono and any pair of jeans. Our most favourite look this summer is wearing the kimono with boot-leg, boy-friend or wide jeans.

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Tip # 2 – Dress Elegance

Go elegant, with any dress, such as the basic white or black and a striking bright coloured kimono to make an impression. You can never go wrong with flashing some statement accessories and wedges.



Tip # 3 – Boho Chic

Go boho; there’s nothing cuter than wearing an elephant print kimono this summer. Pair your kimono on a maxi skirt and top and don’t forget those John Lennon sun-glasses.

how to wear a kimono skirt


Tip # 4 Go Casual

Jeans jumpers are still in this summer. Wear a kimono with some rugged, plain or washed jeans overalls.

how to wear a kimono and jeans 


Tip # 5 – Beach cover-up

If you want a cute cover-up for the beach that is light, flow-ey and just right for the weather, Kimono is definitely what you’re looking for.

From beautiful patterns, to bold colours and flower prints, you can never get enough of kimonos because they are the

easiest, trendiest and most versatile fashion style this summer.