Ahh, weddings. As beautiful as they are, they can be as tiring as they as hectic, and on no one else more than the bride. Despite the fact that the day of is the happiest day in a brides life, it can also be the most stress inducing, nerve wracking day!

Try these tips on your special day, they’ll almost always help take a bride down a notch, or two!


Break your shoes in before the big day

Make sure your heels are broken and worn in before your wedding day, you don’t want hurt and swollen feet on the big day!


Be smart while peeing

It is said that most brides will sit down facing the toilet when it’s time to go pee-pee, mainly because dresses are much bigger in the back. Make sure you don’t ruin your dress, or have a hard time going to the bathroom.


Bring an extra pair of shoes

More often than not, a bride will have wished an extra pair of flats could appear out of thin air. Make sure you think ahead and bring a pair of flats incase you need to do some extra dancing!


Make sure your dress is fit for sitting

While getting your dress fitted, make sure you can sit in it before you have it taken in. This way, you won’t have a frustrating time during the wedding!


Plan ahead

If you’re planning on getting a facial, make sure you do so about a week in advance. That way if your skin reacts to anything, it’ll be long gone before the day itself!