The dating world has become tough nowadays. You have to go through a string of bad dates before you finally go on a good one. These are just some of the most cringe-worthy date stories out there:

1- Playa’s Gotta Play

“I was going out with this guy for some time and I wanted him to meet my friends so we eventually got together, just us and a group of my friends. He spent most of that time flirting with my friend rather than paying any attention to me. Needless to say, that was the last time we ever went out”.



“I was on a date with this guy and I thought things were going pretty well at the start until he kept looking at his phone every few minutes. It was really bad because one second he’d be nodding at what I was saying, and the other he’d be texting on his phone. When we decided to go to a movie after dinner, he fell asleep! He had fallen asleep while watching Jurassic Park 4! If he’s bored enough to fall asleep through the sound of a roaring T-Rex then clearly he was bored out of his mind”.

3- Mr. Scroogeblog21

“I decided to meet this guy for coffee. It wasn’t anything special; we weren’t exactly going to dinner or anything but it was our first date. Everything was great until we asked for the bill. I had ordered tea and he’d ordered a small coffee so it wasn’t too expensive. He told me “I’m broke” and because he also didn’t have a car, I had to pay for his Uber ride home”


4- The Messy Eater4908244_orig

“Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so when I asked the guy I was dating to go out for breakfast, I had high expectations for this date. But I think I shouldn’t have had any because he was chewing with his mouth full! And I might have let that slide except when I came to ask him a question, he actually responded with food in his mouth! I was so embarrassed the whole time I was in the restaurant and actually thanked God when the waiters came to remove our plates.”

5- The Next Roger Federer


“I met this guy online and all throughout the date he kept talking about how awesome he was. He was saying how great of a person he was and how he’s a tennis trainer and ALL the tennis clubs are after him but how he’s selective and doesn’t want to choose just ANY club because he was that good apparently. Honestly, it was a little too much for me. If you’re that great, maybe you’re too awesome for me.”

With dates like these, the single life doesn’t sound so bad!