5aleha Te3ans

In a new Twitter-based movement, some people started a campaign boycotting marriage using the hashtag “5aleha_te3ans”.

After the success of the car boycotting campaign, “5aleha Tesady”, some people took a liking to the whole boycotting thing. So they launched follow-up campaigns.

One of which is called “5aleha fe el-masn3” to boycott cigarettes, which is understandable considering how expensive cigarettes are currently.

The latest boycotting campaign -and the dumbest may I add- is called “5aleha te3ans” to boycott marriage or women apparently.

In the middle of the consumption and overpricing issues, some people perceived women as another ‘over-priced product’ they need to boycott!

This senseless campaign started with a couple of Twitter users who used the hashtag to complain ab all out the marriage expenses and how marriage’s demands in Egypt has become ridiculous and unreasonable.

This is, of course, an understandable point of view. It has become very difficult to build a life and get married in this day and age, and some parents do ask too much of the guys asking to marry their daughters.

However, as expected, the pure Egyptian sexism kicked in and turned this originally valid concern to a sexist and degrading joke towards women.

Take a look for yourself…

#5aleha_te3ans supporters

Guess marriage is suicide now?


Real classy!

No seriously, dripping with class!

Excuse me one second while I go throw up…

#5aleha_te3ans founder?

There is no actual proof whether Mahmoud is the founder or not. However, we highly encourage him to re-evaluate his life choices and accomplishment really quickly. 



Later on, some people took it to FaceBook creating FaceBook pages and a group just for the “5aleha te3ans” campaign.

And we have to say they didn’t try hold back or be discrete with their offensive jokes and obnoxious memes.

So if you don’t care about marriage, why create a campaign complaining that marriage is difficult?

Seriously, exactly what year are you living in?

Quick biology lesson; WOMEN ARE NOT CARS!

Anti #5aleha_t3ans

Thankfully some reasonable people pointed out the obvious flaws in this ridiculous campaign and everything it stands for if it actually stands for something.


Thank you!


Thankfully, someone stated the obvious, women are not products you purchase!


Surprise surprise…

In the end, all we could say about what can only be called a circus is that it is only killing the original idea and concept behind it.

If society’s conventions are inconvenient in a way or need changing, then work on spreading awareness, don’t undermine and insult all women at once just because you have got a boycotting fever!

Marriage is a holy bond between a man and a woman. Therefore, it is equally as important to BOTH men and women. So boycotting it will equally effect both men and women.

At last, let me leave you with this…