By Nourhan Ibrahim

Since the start of August, Egypt has been experiencing unprecedented consecutive heat waves, one following the other without a day to breathe, literally. It has become quite challenging to go out and run essential errands or even head to work. While Europeans are frying at a mere 36 degrees, Egyptians are sipping tea in their balconies at 51 degrees. The following are some moments that you’ll definitely relate to:

Getting Burnt “El tan lama beyzeed 3an 7ado bey2leb 3am 3abdo”


Never leave your house without sunscreen. Just DON’T. Wear a cap or a hat to avoid the exaggerated tanned look that turns you into the sweet kind 3am 3abdo look-alike. Try walking backwards, not just forwards, so you can successfully achieve the perfect 7arwa2a from both sides w tefdal me2armesh.

Cuddle season is definitely over for couples


It’s “Get the Hell Away from Me Season”. At this sizzling time of the year, couples don’t feel like being intimate; in fact, they don’t want their partners anywhere near them!

The suffocating first few moments in your car after it’s been parked in the sun for a while

Let’s not say it out loud, but think of the first word that comes to your mind as soon as your bottom touches that extremely hot seat (particularly if it’s leather!).

People want to wear nothing “Emshy Malt yehtar 3adewak feek”

Rear view of a young woman looking into a  wardrobe

We all know those 5 minutes every morning when we look through our entire wardrobe hoping to find the lightest thing to wear. We end up going for the same outfit everyday just because it’s ‘light’ enough.

“Summer is my favourite season” – said no one ever

This statement will never ever be declared once again. Summer used to be ‘just’ summer, but this year it’s beyond our expectations. People are now praying for the summer season to be over.

Mothers yelling every five minutes “E2fely el talaga ya bent”


All mothers are tired of asking their children to close the fridge door. But mommy, it feels so good standing in front of it even for just one minute; I wouldn’t mind sitting inside it all day long if you’d let me!