6 Arab Youtubers To Fill The Hole Left By El-Da7ee7

Okay, as a mini-disclaimer, let’s just say this. El-Da7ee7 has left a mark on the Arab YouTube-sphere and we doubt anyone could replace him.

That said, we still need to stop this misery we feel about that AJ+ partnership cancellation, though, we’re going to try working our way through this list of Arab YouTubers and all the intriguing content we almost missed out on.


If you can’t give learning a break, you’ll find all you seek in Sharafstein. In this channel, Mohamed Sharaf finds new and creative ways to teach his viewers all about chemistry, physics, and more!

Nest Productions

Are you a history nut? We hope the answer to this question is yes because Nest Productions is big on history and all its many twists and interesting stories. Trust us, you’re in for a treat.

Omar El-Sabtwy

Have you ever been in an urgent, 911-level situation and had no clue what to do next? If so, you’ll enjoy Omar El-Sabtwy’s channel, where he teaches his viewers what to do in cases of emergencies, like internet blackmail, taking care of an injured person until an ambulance arrives and much more.

As2elet Nos Leil

You’re not the same person after midnight, that’s just a fact everyone knows. See, after the clock strikes twelve, we get the urge to ask questions that we normally wouldn’t in the daytime. And we’re not alone in that either — see, there’s an entire channel dedicated to every oddball, post-midnight question you’ve ever thought of!


We all love to make fun of movies, don’t we? At this point, it honestly doesn’t matter if it’s local or international — if it’s a movie, we’re pointing out the silly stuff. And if you love doing that as much as we do, you’ll love Faddidaddi, a channel literally dedicated to to pointing out movie mistakes.


the Dark fans’ special.

In this suspense-ridden channel, Hassan Al-Hashim discusses many of history’s most intriguing mysteries, like the Bermuda Triangle, the (alleged) Tutankhamen Curse and more.

Did anyone slip from our recommendations?