What’s a better time than now to indulge in a really interesting podcast? Or how about 6? Take the time now and listen to a podcast that discusses a topic you really like, or learn about something new and you won’t regret it. Here, we’ve rounded up 6 different podcasts for you!


Sowt is a broadcasting company that holds a number of mind-blowingly good podcasts. Let’s talk about 3 of them.

Dom Tak

Probably our favorite one on Sowt is Dom Tak. A podcast dedicated to the history of Arabic music culture, Ray, Rap, and even Mahraganat. It’s addictive, you’ll love it!


Next in line is 3eib. Our second favorite Sowt podcast and you should probably make it yours, too. As the name implies, 3eib discusses our Arab taboos. People’s stories of breaking them and where we should all stand from them.


A different take on our Arab cuisines and all the historical and cultural backgrounds behind them. Eat something and learn something, does it get any better than this?


A podcast by the Dubai based Kerning Cultures that puts into question all the gender norms and sex expectations that come with being a Middle Eastern. It promotes a healthy body perspective; we are very proud to have something like Gasady!

Travel Codes

A travel culture podcast by an Egyptian girl named Marwa Ali. Marwa shares her beautiful experiences, travel tips, and great stories about her different destinations. If you’re into traveling, this is the podcast for you!


Abagora is a podcast by Lobna El Khamis from KSA. In a captivating narrative, Lobna sweeps you off your feet into a world full of philosophical wonderment about us people, our world, and pretty much everything.

If you know of more Egyptian or Arabic podcasts, please let us know in the comments!