Movies, series, and plays influence our lives tremendously. We use their effehat, songs and even their pictures as memes. But what if we take it to the next level? What if we re-create these brand names we see in movies, series or plays? Wouldn’t it be great if you found Ibbo in the nearest supermarket? YESSS

Here are 6 brand names that will rock our worlds if existed.

#1: El Fankush

This will work as magic with Egyptians given that they would die for that state of mind.

#2: Ibbo

Ibbo msh baskuta‘ invaded our world and we can’t but sing it whenever we hear the word ‘Ibbo’. So no marketing efforts are needed for this brand and definitely, we’ll all buy it since ‘msh hwa eli mtakhani‘.

#3: Power Family Milk

We’d spend all our money on this milk if they manage to get us all things needed to get married. We’d want to be the Mervat to Alaa!

#4: Hairy Hair Shampoo

But of course, we don’t want to lose all our hair after trying it out.

#5: Gel Zahla2a

Well, at least we’d be sure that guys would comb their hair at least once a week.

#6: Matzawa2ini ya mama magazine

Well, who doesn’t want a fashion magazine that would smother you into wearing what it sees best?

We thought these 6 brands would definitely help boost the growth of the economy. Do you have more to add to the list?