With all that’s been happening around the world nowadays, Valentine’s day is the perfect time to give love its true value and take a break from all the hate and catastrophes that have been clouding our world lately! So hop on with your favorite celebrity figures and join us on our caravan of love. Not feeling inspired? Well, check out what these celebrities had to say on social media, because there is just no way you won’t feel the love afterwards!


1- Sherin Abd El Wahab


Whoever said that Valentine’s is only for couples clearly didn’t have a beautiful daughter called Mariam.



Because there is seriously nothing better than a love song to feel the love on Valentine’s day!

3- Samira Saied


Sharing Youssef Zidan’s quote “Love is what lights our lives. Without it, we would be lost in darkness” was all the reminder we needed to remember the real value of love in our lives on such a special day.

4- El-Hadary


As if playing a major role in the Africa Cup of Nations was not enough, Hadary thought it would be a good idea to remind us of the importance of acknowledging our love to our families!

5- Ahmed El-Shennawy

And just so Zamalek fans don’t feel left out, we thought it would be a good idea to share with you EL-Shennawy’s heartfelt tweet to his family!

6- Ahmed El-Sakka


Finally, we figured it’s important to leave you with El-Sakka’s heartwarming tweet where he taught us that love is not only exclusive for humans!

So what do you think, do you feel the love yet?