By Mostafa Hesham Fawzy

The Egyptian roads are not the only things constantly crowded, in Egyptian cars kolo zahma b hagat as well. Drivers have become so creative with stuff they have in or on their car, that sometimes they look so bad that you secretly wish the car would hit you rather than having to watch it pass by in all of its glorious bad style. Here are some of the eye-distracting scenes you may have encountered fel share3 el masry.

  1. Tiesto stickers w Armin w Haga Akher DJ: 

Walahy ninety percent of the people who have those stickers don’t even know who Tiesto is! And just because you have a Tiesto bumper sticker, it doesn’t mean you have been to one of his concerts. We know how you are all about Amr Diab w Tamer Hosni my friend!


  1. Car shishas coming in all sizes:

Egyptians are perfect multitaskers so we waste no time and have a car shisha hanging out the car window W kol nos sa3a, park aside and change el wel3a, what an amazing idea!

car shisha


  1. Dooda pillows or monkeys hanging in the back window:

Just in case the huge stuffed dooda atrocity was not noticeable at first, drivers make sure they pick one covered with all of the Egybtion colorzz and maybe even the alphabet. Newsflash! It isn’t even cute, everyone! As for the monkey, no comment is even necessary.



  1. That dog that has a vibrating head… FAIL!

Guess what?  This plastic dog comes in different breeds, so this is basically taken seriously by a lot of drivers out there. It always feels like this thing is looking at you and trying to deliver a message, just creepy!

car dog


  1. The horns with a very irritating melody… very, very irritating:

We can’t live up with the usual horn, so we have a horn that sounds like Macarena , and a horn that lasts for two minutes non stop. You should be considering maybe customizing one with your favorite song, because why not?

car horn


  1. Spoilers all the way, or sboilerzz:

It could be okay to add stuff to your car, bas adding spoilers to a 128 Samawy… Why?



 6. DVD screens on the back of the front row seats. Screens everywhere!

We are all about entertainment, and we wonder why we have accidents happening every day. The drivers in Egypt probably drive on a highway while watching Taymur w Shafika!



If you find a car with any of those six things and get the chance to encounter its driver, please try to get us the rational behind any of them. Except that colorful Dooda thing, one will never appreciate its existence.