We still recall how Eid used to be like 10 years ago and even before that, and it was quite different from now. People really enjoyed every bit of Eid and its traditions. But now, Sahel is our new Eid getaway, and whether we like to admit it or not, it kind of ruins all the traditional fun Eid activities. But today, we decided to remind you of all those dying Eid traditions that we would LOVE to have back.

#1: Buying New Clothes for Eid

Remember when we used to be kids and this was one of the most exciting events of the year? Shopping for Eid days or weeks earlier to be wearing this glamorous outfit and show it off to all your relatives.

#2: Home Made Kahk

Back then our mums and grandmas used to make their own kahk. It was quite an experience. Sending some to your neighbors was also part of the deal. And the most embarrassing moment was when it got burnt. This is something that we never experience nowadays; we just go and buy it from one of those famous patisseries.

#3: Exchanging Food With Neighbors

It wasn’t just about exchanging kahk with neighbors, it was about the whole deal. The whole building would be sending and receiving different platters, and you wouldn’t see an empty one. Generosity was part of the culture and it was fun too.

#4: Reconnecting With Your Family

So instead of going to Sahel like nowadays, we used to all gather in our great grandfather’s house and reconnect with the whole family. You would get to see family members that you didn’t even know existed. And meet those relatives that you haven’t seen in months and you would enjoy every bit of it.

You wouldn’t find yourself staring at the clock or checking your social media accounts out of boredom because you sincerely enjoyed every bit of it; the board games, the catching up and of course the family drama.

#5: Taking 3edeya in the form of Small Banknotes

Taking 3edeya was a huge part of Eid, and we’d really have a terrible Eid if one family member decides that this year we are not eligible for 3edeya anymore. But our favorite part was when we took it in quarters that were new and smelled great. You’d be walking around with your siblings and cousins counting all those quarters thinking that you now own a fortune, but what you don’t get is that all of these quarters are just 25 LE.

#6: Playing With Fireworks Even Though Adults Hated It

This was one of our favorite Eid activities. If you had cool parents or a cool grandpa, you’d know all about this. They would get you fireworks and the whole family would ask you not to play with it because they just hate it so much. But we LOVE it. We’d start creatively experimenting how to make them louder than they already are, like putting them in an empty can, or throwing them from the 7th floor. Those were the days!

Eid would never be the same without all of these traditions because these are the things that gave it its true meaning. Try to relive these moments with your kids and create your own rituals, so that maybe they’d have a really cool upbringing just like ours.