For years, men have talked about finding the perfect woman without ever giving us clear guidelines on what physical or personal characteristics that “perfect” woman should have. And since we regard the act of a man committing to “the one” as one of the most important decisions in life, we thought it would be a good idea to get a grasp of what men look for in women by asking them ourselves.
  1. “What first attracts me to any woman would be her beauty and physical attractiveness. I like a girl with a pretty face and a wild side, but then comes the second part which is more important. It’s how we click. I need to feel like our wavelengths match. We should share more or less the same level of intelligence, so that we would be able to have a proper conversation. I also like a girl who is real. A smart man knows when the person in front of them is being fake or real. I’m telling you, if a girl is being herself, all her imperfections would seem perfect to me. I personally don’t look for an angel, because God knows I am not one myself. I would like to be with a girl who brings out the good in me, who encourages me to do well. She has to be compassionate. But most of all, I want a girl who is capable of expressing her emotions. I can’t stand the silence; we should be able to communicate.”
  2. “To start with, I would probably be attracted to her physical appearance. She doesn’t have to be perfect, but she should at least be beautiful in my own eyes. As for her character, I look for a woman who is caring and supportive. It’s important to me that she has her own life goals. Having a good sense of humor is also crucial. I don’t like sad girls. I want someone who will bring joy into my life.”
  3. “I never thought about it much, but I’d say I want her to be smart, independent and realistic.”
  4. “It’s very important for me to date a girl who is loved by people. I also want her to be representable and good looking. She has to know how to dress and talk. She also has to have a passion for music, because music is everything to me.”
  5. “I’m attracted to smart girls who practice sports. I need to know that I’m dating a smart intelligent woman who has some career goals.”
  6. “The overall appearance is what attracts me at the start. Not just her hair or her gorgeous smile, but the whole package. It’s the synchronization between her smile, facial expressions and body that attracts me. Because a girl could have the most gorgeous golden hair, but if it doesn’t go with her whole body or figure, then it doesn’t add up for much. It’s a complicated combination of things that makes us fall in love with women and if anyone tells you otherwise, then they didn’t get your question.”


  • John Salib

    “I personally don’t look for an angle” this is not geometry class, boy