Celebs Who Deserve Reality TV

Have you ever seen a celebrity and wondered just what goes on in their lives? If you didn’t even consider the question and immediately went for a “hell, no”, please reconsider your answer.

See, it’s come to our attention that we’ve got a lot of questions about many, many celebrity actions. Still think we’re putting too much thought into this? Check this out.


If the past few years taught us anything, they definitely taught us that Sherine Abdelwahab certainly has…an interesting way of delivering her opinions.

Aside from all the controversies, we’re genuinely curious about the singer’s day-to-day life and mostly if these misunderstandings are just a common thing she deals with.

Mohamed Karim

Do we even have to get into this one? Egypt’s original male diva Mohamed Karim has already inspired several trains of thought (and memes!) with that infamous bathrobe, so who knows how much more does the rabbit hole go?


The non-Egyptian exception to the list, we’d be fooling everyone if we didn’t say Ahlam would make the ultimate reality TV show ever!

Sure, the Emirati singer had delved before into this field with a quickly cancelled competition show called El-Maleka, but we imagine her actual life would be a lot more interesting.

Ahmed El-Sakka

Apparently when El-Sakka is not being a professional actor and quasi-professional horse-rider, he’s driving to online haters’ houses in the middle of the night to talk to them about their trolling.

Yeah, we know. And that’s only one thing we know about his life!

Mohey Ismail

A picture speaks a thousand words and this picture of Mohey Ismail and Poussy Shalaby in Mohey Ismail’s home says a lot of words we really can’t type in this article.

If a reality show of this actor’s life ever gets made, we’re dying to see all the wardrobe choices, decor, and philosophical rants we can get our hands on.

Obama El-Masry

A gift that keeps on giving, Obama El-Masry has turned into an unexpected but welcomed presence in our social media landscape. Imagine the wisdom he could share on TV.

Have more you want to add to the list?