In a really short time frame, multiple Egyptian-women from different backgrounds with different backstories- were able to act fast in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Utilizing all resources at hand to reach the largest number of Egyptian patients, on time. Here, we give you 6 of these phenomenal women!

Mersal Foundation

Headed by Heba Rashed, Mersal is a charity foundation founded in 2015. The healthcare-oriented foundation surely landed the first spot on our list, given their steadfast response and action to the Covid-19 crisis.

Amira Abdel Aal

An Egyptian chemist who is, single-handedly, doing the work of an entire organization. Amira is using her medical network and Facebook page to provide ventilators, isolation spaces, and even ambulances!

Sahar Alaa El-Din

Sahar, an Aswan-based nurse whose true passion is making the lives of sick people a little easier. Since the Covid-19 crisis broke out in Egypt, she volunteered to look after the cases at their own home for free. Wow, right?

Basma Mostafa

Basma is an Egyptian journalist who one day decided to write a post about delivering homemade meals to Covid-19 patients around Cairo, and BOOM. The good deed turned into an entire stand-alone initiative that’s now being reciprocated all over Egypt.

Reem El Adl

Reem El Adl, the known designer, is now dedicating her time to design and produce reusable face masks and distributing them for free, too. She went for the cloth mask because she believes that surgical masks should be spared for frontliners!

Heba El Sweedy

And the cherry on top of this SO GOOD cake is definitely Heba El Sweedy. The businesswoman whose efforts in the Covid-19 crisis with Ahl Masr Foundation really went above and beyond. Talk about proactivity!

Hats off to these exceptional Egyptian women, you’re making us all proud. If you guys know of any other women out there giving any sort of a helping hand, let us know!