By: Mario William

In every country around the world, there is a balance or a ratio to weigh up the pros and cons of living there. If the cons exceeded the pros in your country of residence, then you are the loser no doubt.

Far from pollution, stress, politics and many more obvious problems, there are other hidden factors that will help you decide whether to stay in Egypt or leave. Read on and assess your ability to deal with them.


1. “When I was your age, I was ….”

If you’re from the new generation then most of your decisions are wrong, as if older people were superheroes when they were your age. They won’t hand the flag to the second generation until their last breath, after losing the battle of life.

Every new generation is an update of the past one, an update that had fixed the problems of the old generation but also has its own set of problems. Lada 1960 can move in 2017, but can’t make you win the race.


2. TOKTOK: “one of the deathly hallows”

Toktoks are like the “Cloak of Invisibility” or “ta2yet el 2ekhfa”, one of the deathly hallows that makes you invisible to people in Harry Potter films. Imagine inviting a person to live in your house without even knowing their name, would that be acceptable?! That’s what we did in Egypt when millions of toktok drivers took over our streets without any single information about them. The toktok is a secret weapon which is now used for sexual harassment, robbery, kidnapping and organ-trafficking.

Most toktok drivers belong to the younger generation, which means there will be no one learning a new profession such as carpentry, plumbing etc. just learning morals from the street, destroying a whole new generation.


3. A girl is born, may her soul rest in peace

A girl born in Egypt is literally sentenced to death before her life even begins. Her hair, clothes, way of living are the reasons she is getting sexually harassed on a daily basis. A girl’s dream in Egypt may be as simple as wishing to wear a dress or anything that makes her feel feminine or just enjoy a day out after 9 pm.

Now some people are sexually abusing children; they even took it further by harassing girls over the phone. Are they wearing something sexually arousing there too?! The source of illness is in our own minds.


4. The 7alouf citizen is on the loose

“7alouflization” process is what we sometimes call here “Fahlawa”, which means anything wrong done in a professional way. “Fahlawa” driving is one of the most prominent examples. Microbus drivers act like “Lionel Messi” on the road; no one is allowed to pass them and they can’t use the brakes.

We find vehicles going in the opposite direction all the time, in addition to the phenomenon of the wiggling trucks driven by doped drivers. All these factors put people’s lives in danger, destroying families. Well, let me put it this way, “a small mistake from the “7alof” on the road can ruin your whole life”.


5. El prices haryana w rab el 3arsh nagana

You are strolling down the street when you finally find the pair of shoes you have been searching for. However, your dreams are instantly crushed once you take a look at the price tag! When it is something you want, then you will quickly heal but what if it’s a need aka, food, you won’t even survive.

If you bought something for 5 EGP and now it costs 100 EGP, you will feel the need to take extra good care of it because it will be hard to buy it again with prices jumping up every day. Owning a car for example is a blessing nowadays. Treat it well because it will be so hard to replace. And the worst thing of all is that we are paying the highest prices for the worst quality compared to other countries.

Not to mention marriage that has become a dilemma, and we find ourselves wondering whether or not to get married?!

6. After 60

After retiring and spending your whole life working and making money, now it’s time to relax and enjoy a comfortable ending, right?! Unfortunately not, it is time to spend the money you made to try to regain 50% of your health.
The real issue is that there is no reliable medical insurance in Egypt. For example, you have to pay for any surgical procedure, but did we really work and suffer our whole lives just to pay all what we got to find a cure for our bodies? You will always fear the future and that’s what inspired the famous proverb: “el 2ersh el 2abyad yenfa3 fy el youm el 2eswed”. Thus, kiss goodbye your thoughts about enjoying your last days.


After you assess your ability to deal with the above points, you should decide whether to take the life boat and leave or stay and try to fix the ship, but please don’t stay to play music on the surface of the Titanic.