Written by: Y. M.
We’ve all been there or will be there! You’re a senior awaiting graduation at the end of the semester and then you suddenly ask yourself, WHAT’S NEXT? The best thing about college is that you can always predict your next phase or your next semester. When you graduate, there isn’t a next stage or semester. It’s life, and it doesn’t end there! Here are 10 things you realize after you graduate!

1- You’re not a kid anymore

NOOOO!!!!! At 22-23, you’re no longer a kid. You cannot fool around all day, playing video games and watching TV without a worry in the world. You are now part of the economy’s working force and you need to start earning money, no more MASROOF :’(. You realize how old you really are when you grasp that ‘Toy & Story I’ was in theatres 22 years ago, SABEK WA LA7EK aired on SpaceToon more than 16 years ago and that SpaceToon no longer has those 45 minute ads. You may tear out; the best part of life is officially over.


If you’re a girl, you’re expected to get engaged, married or even have kids right after you graduate from college. You get all sorts of weird looks from people around you, specially your grandmother and Tante MANAR (who is bent 3amet bent 5alek) -who are related in a way or another- asking you her favorite question ‘Mesh Hanefra7 Beky’. Your mother will desperately look at you and say, “Eda fe3lan, mafeesh 7ad?” As if you have to postpone any major life plans (travel around the world, work, live alone etc…. ) if you’re not married yet. Marriage is an important part of life, and I think we’re old enough to decide when to take such step.

3- You instantly get confused and lost

You graduated from college and then you feel completely lost. Travel, work instantly, take a short break before working, masters or not, learn kite-surfing etc…. are decisions a graduate has to make. You suddenly decide that you will work; where and how and what field, whether you would like to work corporate, self-employed, in a small business, big business, family business, work abroad, in start-ups, starting your own start-up and a lot more options. Having no clue about the future can be considered the most miserable part of your life! If you’re still in college, start thinking. If you’re employed, then you have been in this phase before and if you just recently graduated, welcome to the CLUB!

4- Friends!

Do I need to start explaining how this is the most miserable part of graduating. Whether its school or college, you suddenly feel something is wrong with your life. Seeing your friends, talking basically about the same things every day, each morning, with the same cup of coffee becomes something of the past. The endless laughs and jokes, which are part of your routine, are now history. Let’s face it, you won’t see them as often as you plan to. Everyone would take a different path in life and it will separate you apart. Nevertheless, they will remain a part of your soul and you would get extremely happy when you coincidentally bump into them somewhere!

5- Summer Vacation

This is by far the worst thing about graduating; you no longer have a 3 months summer vacation. Summer vacation was always my best part of the year; the time when you get to do what you like, no homework, no worries, nothing what so ever but enjoying sunny days by the beach, reading a book and working on your tan. You have enough time to get refreshed once again to start the semester. When you join the labor force, you get 21 days -I guess- of vacation all year long. You feel there are no pauses, like you’re moving around in a vicious circle.

6- Expectations, Expectations and …. Expectations

Everyone around you expects you to get a decent corporate job at a multi-national company and earn the maximum salary anyone your age can get, sorry, but I’m not Bill Gates. Moreover, you cannot admit to anyone hating your job and your life and feeling empty as you would ultimately get the same answer: This is life. Your boss expects you to do a better job than he ever did, your friends expect you enak te7aseb 3ala ahwa, while also supposing that you have a healthy work life balance. If you feel that your life is empty, that you don’t learn anything new or enjoy what you are doing, think of resigning or making a career shift. Tell your parents about it, w Rabena Ma3ak!

At some point in their life, everyone wants to grow up for the perks of it. There are good things about growing up of course; however, we get so caught up in life that we often forget that we need to start enjoying the beauty of every phase. Whether you’re in school and have nothing to worry about but some homework or in college when you start having choices – like your career for instance – and having the freedom of doing what you want or you’re a graduate and started earning a living on your own and becoming completely independent from your parents, just remember to enjoy best what every phase has to offer!!