Our glorious history is full of interesting mysteries and secrets. To expand your knowledge on Egypt, here are 6 surprising facts you never learnt at school:

1. The 25th January Revolution Is A Déjà Vu


The Ipuwer papyrus no.344, kept at the Egyptian Museum in Turin, revealed that a revolution which appears to be a mirror image of the 25th Jan Revolution had occurred in 2278 BC!!Nobody foresaw it; it flamed up in all districts and rebels occupied plazas such as the pyramids. The revolution lasted 18 days marking the end of the longest ruling era (Pepi II) in the history of ancient Egypt. That’s somehow…creepy!

2. We’ve Closed Down The Second Most Popular Wax Museum In The World


Helwan Wax Museum was founded by Hussein Bikar in 1934. At the time, it was classified as the world’s fourth best wax museum, and ranked the second most popular one after Madame Tussauds. Oh, I forgot to mention that this museum has been closed for several years; most of the statues are damaged and need renovation. Instead of hosting tourists from around the world, the museum serves as a home to mice and garbage. What a shame!


3. The Pyramids’ Builders Got Paid in Beer!!


Herodotus, the Greek historian, believed that the Pyramids had been build by slaves; you got that wrong Mr. Father Of The History! Graves of the pyramid builders discovered in 1990 prove that the slaves deal was a myth. The pyramids were built by paid laborers who were getting paid in beer, 1 gallon (4L) per day. Tool 3omrena as7ab mazag!


4. Egypt Signed The First Peace Treaty In History


After more than two centuries of wars, the earliest ever recorded peace treaty was concluded between the Hittite and Egyptian empires (Ramses II) after the Battle of Kadesh in 1274 BC.

5. We’re The First To Acknowledge Women’s Rights

 Kings and Queens

Pharaohs seem to have pioneered the whole issue of women’s rights. In Ancient Egypt, women had the same rights as men. They had the right to acquire, to own, and to dispose of property in their own name, the right to divorce their husbands, initiate civil court cases and serve as witnesses, and when it was that time of the month, the husband was required to stay home to take care of the kids. How are you doing today ladies?

6. Library of Alexandria Has A Copy Of Every Paper On The Internet


The Bibliotheca Alexandrina, established in 2002, has a partnership with the Internet Archive (A digital library in San-Francisco) that gives the BA the right to conserve the only mirror and external backup of the Internet Archive (Translation: The world of the Internet is in our hands, folks).