Witnessing her children order take out or deciding to eat out is every Egyptian mother’s worst nightmare. “Howa e7na aklina we7esh wala eh?” She would unhappily question. Egyptian mothers constantly try to keep up with cooking shows on CBC Sofra and challenge themselves to prepare professional restaurant dishes at home. Sometimes, they fail and the outcome is just catastrophic. Below are some of the most typical flops:

  1. Zay fera5 kentaki bezabt!

maxresdefaultThat’s what she thinks but that’s not how it is. Kentucky’s fried chicken is crispy, tasty and most importantly, whole chicken. When it’s homemade, the outcome is usually more like chicken nuggets.

2. Malha il bidza bta3ty?

P1220424Well, nothing is wrong with it, except that it’s square and half of the toppings are stuck to the oven. “Let’s just order Papa John’s.” If you say that, you might end up getting a good smack, or find yourself eating street food for life.

3. White sauce vs. bashamel

veg_lasagnaThe nonstop drama with these two is just too much. Macaroni bechamel turns out delightful, however, Lasagna, turns out to be a nightmare while Fettuccine Alfredo turns out similar to koshary. Any idea why?

4. 3amaltilkom coleslaw salad o5t bta3it Kentaki!

imagesI will stop going to KFC in that case. I’m sorry mom but this is nothing close to KFC’s. However, dare you say that and you risk facing the same reaction of number 2.

5. Enaharda hankol homemade sushi!

sushiSupermoms do that. I’m not a sushi expert, but I always believe in our oriental saying, “Seeb il 3eesh le 5abazo.” Moms who try to make sushi at home take the challenge to a whole new level. sometimes it’s good, but most of the time, it’s a major flop.

6. I learned this from Chef Sherbiny.

6131aa9e8e7e601378c7663414d1dca9It’s probably a weird a** main dish that tries to mix Oriental ma7shi with Eastern sushi and Western hamburgers. Chef Sherbiny did it in his show and moms would try to copy the recipe and do it at home. Usually that day, everyone fights with everyone and you end eating at the nearest liver cart.


We love our moms; good or bad food will never affect the amount of love and respect we have for them. We should definitely appreciate the amount of effort they put in and how they always thrive to cook better. At the end of the day, always praise her food and remember how fortunate you are for having a beautiful mother.