Weddings are thought to be every girl’s dream. But is it really EVERY girl’s dream? We were surprised to find that 2 out of 10 girls we interviewed didn’t want to have a wedding. It is unpredictable, yet good news to some of the guys out there.

Hear them out and tell us what you think.

#1: Travelling the World is More Fun, Don’t You Think?

You’ve got this traveler who wants to spend all their wedding’s money on plane tickets and hotel nights. She said, ‘traveling feeds the soul, but weddings feed the guests and I don’t care about the guests’. This makes you think twice! Don’t forget to send us postcards! (Salma)

#2: Investing in Our Home is Smarter

Investing this money in upgrading our car or our house or even depositing it in the bank is much better for our future. Weddings are so expensive and do nothing but add pressure. Meanwhile, I want a secure future with no pressure, so why have a wedding? I’d rather have a formal outing at a nice place with the friends and family. This guy is so lucky to have you because of your practicality. (Farah)

#3: No Point in Spending All This Money on Just One Night

Weddings now cost a fortune and it doesn’t make sense to spend such huge amounts on a single night. And even if we do, there comes one of the guests mocking either my dress, the food or the wedding decoration. I’d rather save it all and make this small reception than be broke for one night. (Nadine)

#4: Weddings Don’t Celebrate Love Anymore

The point of weddings was to celebrate the love you both feel for each other, but not anymore. It feels like it is a social obligation where you have a checklist to cover rather than actually celebrate the love we have. I’d rather have the closest people to my heart all in one place doing a crazy thing or two than conform to society. (Sarah)

#5: A Small Ceremony Would Be So Much Cooler

Weddings in the West are so simple yet elegant. You’d see a ceremony of flowers, the groom standing there at the end of the aisle waiting for the love of his life. This is what I want. A small ceremony with lots of flowers and the love of my life waiting for me. Saying our vows and dancing to our chosen playlist of music is all more beautiful than a ballroom with people that we barely know. (Rana)

#6: Investing this money in a masters program would be definitely better

This one kills all stereotypes possible because actually, some girls are after career development and growth than having that big wedding. So instead of paying 100s of thousands for a wedding, she’d rather spend all that amount in a graduate program in the States. Smart girl! (Radwa)

Well, weddings are meant to make the bride and the groom happy. So do them how you want them to be, rather than just conforming to the social norms or people’s expectations. It’s your night and your money, please yourself!