By: Alia El Saady

When you’ve grown restless of Sahel, tired of Gouna and can’t even stand the sight of Sokhna, you begin to crave a new experience. You long for somewhere other than tripping across Europe or going to London each year, somewhere that is not flooded with tourists, a secluded place that is made just for you! A place where you can experience the beach without the crowds and sink your feet into the sand without all the noise! A place where you can quite possibly have the best summer ever.

What is this place, you ask? Well, it’s an island. But not just any island, it’s a Mediterranean one. So often, we tend to overlook this stretch of water and forget that much like any other large body of water, it is littered with islands which are all waiting for us to land on and claim as our vacation hotspots! That’s why this summer we thought we would familiarize you with all the beautiful islands within your reach!


Country: Italy

Cost of Flight: $400+

Duration of Flight: 6 hours+

Major tourist attraction an old fishing village. The charm of an rowboat , old buildings, jetting rocks and mountain captured at Cefalu Beach. Located at the town of Cefalu, Sicily, Italy

Sicily is the largest island on the Mediterranean, just off the coast of southern Italy. If you’re looking for a historic island rich in cultural remnants that have withstood the test of time, then Sicily is the island for you, with mosaic-lined cathedrals like that of the Duomo di Monreale and tall imposing Grecian temples such as the Tempio della Concordia. Don’t forget to take a stroll in the late Baroque towns of Val di Noto, a beautiful example of Baroque art and architecture. This picturesque island is one that’s sure to take you back in time.


­­­­­Country: Greece

Cost of Flight: $350+

Duration of Flight: 3 hours/ 6 hours+ (with layover)

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 4.28.44 PM

Corfu is a favorite family destination because it offers so many child-friendly activities. It’s also home to one of Europe’s most amazing water parks and  hosts activities such as: horseback riding and lounging by Sidari Beach. Greek festivals held during the months of July and August means there’s really never a dull moment when you’re on this island.


Country: Greece

Cost of Flight: $400+

Duration of Flight: 4 hours/ 6 hours+ (with layover)

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Santorini is a great destination for lovers! It’s definitely the island where you can spend your honeymoon as newlyweds, or rekindle your romance after years of marriage. The scenic charm of this island will captivate you with its signature white buildings; you will find yourself falling in love with its beautiful sunset views from the Caldera rim.


Country: Spain

Cost of Flight: $650++

Duration of Flight: 8 hours+

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Ibiza is the destination for those who love to party! It’s an island that is made specifically for party animals. Notable Nightclubs such as Amnesia, Pacha and DC10 are frequented by all those who are into the island’s nightlife scene. What is also great about this particular island is that it’s frequently visited by top world DJ’s so you’re not only partying hard, but also enjoying a one of a kind experience. 


Cost of Flight: $400++

Duration of Flight: 7hours (with layover)

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Malta is another island situated to the south of Italy and one of the smallest countries in the world. The appeal of this island lies in the great value for money. You can sightsee, hire a car and reserve accommodations at a fraction of the cost of all the other islands. So if you happen to be vacationing on a budget, but still want to have your summer break on an island, it’s very possible!



Cost of Flight: $350

Duration of Flight: 7 hours +

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For those of you who are into trekking and hiking, why not head to the island of Crete? A great place, particularly if you’re active and athletic. Following its numerous shepherds’ routes can  take you across stunning mountain ranges and gorgeous beach views. One particular hike this island is known for is the Samaria Gorge hike which is said to be the longest gorge in all of Europe at 16 Km.

Well? What are you waiting for? Your island awaits you this summer; it’s sure going to be a whole lot more entertaining than vacationing in Sahel like every year! And with so much variety, you’ll never get bored of island-hopping!