Imagine a world where people help each other out, love each other and live in peace. A world where everyone walking down the street has a smile on their face and nothing to worry about. That’s a perfect world; that’s a world without finals.


No finals?! Well, definitely not on this planet. Sorry to burst your bubble but it seems there’s no way out of this trap guys. Finals are like a school bully; you do your best to avoid bumping into them but they will always manage to find you. Watch out for the corners.

Whether you’re a school or college student, you will always be at the mercy of this roller coaster called “finals”. When the semester comes close to an end and it’s time to get ready for your finals, we tend to promise ourselves the moon. That’s when we say “This semester, I will do differently; this semester, I will aces those damn exams.”


Well, we better watch what spits out of our mouths or even better save our breaths.

Below are 6 lies we tell ourselves during finals:

lies everywhere

1) I Vow To Stop Procrastinating

No more putting off studying or delaying the cramming for tests period. It’s time to hit the books, get my ducks in a row and stop slacking off.

Stop Procrastinating

If only wishes were fishes!


2) I Vow To Stop Pulling An All-Nighter

 Start studying for my final or writing my paper the night before it’s due? We are, without question, far past this; we’re at the point of no return.


Who needs sleep? Sleep is for the weak!

3) I Vow To Silence all My Social Media Accounts

I can undoubtedly survive the finals week without Internet and social media. It’s not like the content would be different in tone from any other week. It’s the same old, same old.


Okay, I should definitely not change horses in midstream.


4) I Vow To Keep In Check The Number Of Calories I Eat

Not today

Okay, this week doesn’t count, right? Plus, you burn more calories when you think hard; that’s a scientific fact, I kid you not!

 5) I Vow To Keep Myself From Attending Parties and Christmas Carols During My Finals Week

Wait a minute. Christmas shopping is definitely more important than studying; family should always come first, right?


And then comes parties, well, you only live once.


6) I Vow To Stop Being The Know-Nothing Type In Exams

This year, I will be one of the geeks who ace the exams, no more being in the know-nothing category.


..or else.

Well, it’s only a short period guys and it will ultimately be over. Work on fulfilling those vows and you will certainly come out of this battle as a winner.