At the early stages of the Covid-19 breakout, the question was to wear a face mask or not. Now, at this stage, it’s pretty safe to say that face masks are A MUST.

And the question of whether using a fabric face mask is as effective as using the medical or surgical ones naturally evolved as well. After a little research, we came to the conclusion that fabric face masks are indeed useful in limiting the spreading of the virus and more readily available for the non-health workers.

HOWEVER, this is completely up to you to decide whether you want to invest in a reusable face mask or a disposable one. On that note, here are some brands you might want to check out if you go with the first option!

Zed Art Corner

Zed Art Corner is amongst the first brands to announce the production of reusable and sustainable fabric-based masks; they even replace the regular elastic loops with straps for it looks better and for sustainability purposes. Their African tribal prints and fabrics were seen on stars like Ahmed Magdy and Mariam El Khosht!

Bedaya Crafts

Bedaya Crafts are a group of artists, some of which with different disabilities. Besides making handmade goodies, they now produce affordable double-layered face masks, too. Don’t hesitate to support them!

Military Productions

If you’re looking for more affordable options, you have to consider the Military’s production outlets. Other than producing sanitizers and hand-gels, they also make face masks at 5 EGP only!


They are famed for their all-the-way sustainable products and now they make some pretty cool designs for double-layered face masks, too. A word of warning though, they could be seen by some as somewhat pricey!

Nine & Beyond

The mother-daughter themed brand are also producers of fabric-based face masks now. If you’re bored of the plain masks, opt for one of their pearl-embellished cute ones. There’s no shame in being fashionable if you’re being safe as well!

Caico Cotton

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Despite being a brand for babies fashion, they felt the need to step up their efforts during these tough times. Caico Cotton now produces 2 layers of organic cotton face masks for all ages!

That being said, you should all do your research or ask your doctor for advice on the most efficient face-masks!