Everyone loves appetizers, munchies and snacks. But only a few places give enough attention to those. However, to our luck, some places around Cairo have mastered the art of turning wings, this humble part of the chicken, into a favored snack!

Chicken & Ribs

Despite serving the best chicken wings ever, this little place in Korba is so underrated. They are the sister company of Butcher’s Burger and they definitely live up to the same hype. Fried food has never been better!

Fry Station

According to everyone, Fry Station is the next best thing after Chicken & Ribs. Located in Nasr City, they have a great recipe for their wings and they give out the juiciest sauces ever!

Buffalo Wings & Rings

Despite the fact that they make burgers and other dishes, this is a place specialized in a large variety of chicken wings and onion rings. If you’re ever near Sheraton, drop by for some really good fried goodies. We will let their mouthwatering pictures speak for themselves.


While listing the new best spots, we can’t help but include the good old places and Chili’s will always remain at the top. We mean, how can we forget their loaded boneless wings?

TGI Friday’s

And speaking of “old but gold” Friday’s goes without saying. They have managed to maintain the same quality in recipes and service throughout the years. You can never go wrong with this!

Pizza Hut

Yes, you read that right. Pizza Hut remains at the top of their game when it comes to chicken wings. Especially their Fire Wings, out of this world!!

There you go, our top 6 picks for chicken wings. If you’ve tried another good place, let us know!