Did you know that there are mobile applications designed exclusively for couples?  So if you are looking for a new way to add fun to your relationship and spice things up a little bit, your search is over.

Find below a list of 6 fun free couples’ applications you probably never heard of:

1- Couple

For couples who are eager to be connected even when they’re apart, especially long-distance couples, we hear you and we will put an end to your suffering! The Couple app keeps you connected to your partner even when you’re not together. It provides you with a private timeline with your personal audio, videos, photos, stickers, drawing, to-do lists and games, which will document your history together. The app also offers you the Thumbkiss feature, where your phone vibrates every time you both touch the same spot. How cute is that!

2- IceBreak

Initially created for newly dating couples, this app is awesome for couples in any given stage of the relationship. The app helps you to ask the right questions and start interesting conversations with your lovey to learn more about them. The app aims at creating meaningful talks and building deep understanding between partners.

3- Simply Us 

The main focus of Simply Us app is organization. It lets you organize your life with your partner so that both of you are on the same page. The app allows you to include your SO in whatever you want to while satisfying your sense of OCD. It offers you to have any kind of shared lists, shared calendars with upcoming events besides a private chatting platform.

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4- Kouply

As exciting as it sounds, this app turns your relationship into a game. Now you can show your partner your appreciation by awarding them with reward points through Kouply every time they do something caring and sweet. To multiply the fun, the app makes you compete against other couples.

5- Happy Couple

All quiz loving couples, search no more. The Happy Couple app will help you find out more about how your SO feels or thinks through entertaining quizzes. The app will definitely strengthen your bond as well as send you daily tips and personalized activities and challenges to develop your relationship.

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6- LokLok

This app gives you the opportunity to get all creative and to wake up the sleeping painter/poet inside of you. LokLok allows you to exchange hand-written notes, drawings and even photos with your partner through displaying them directly on their lock screens. They won’t need to unlock their phones to see your message, since the minute they check their phones, they will see it right on their lock screen. How cool!

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These mobile apps represent a sweet fun way to deal with different aspects of your relationship. We strongly recommend you try them and let us know what you think. Are they really as fun as they sound?