Don’t we all just love a great couple with undeniable sizzling chemistry? We don’t know about you guys, but we think this is definitely one of the BIG reasons why watching drama is so fun. Here’s a look at 6 Egyptian modern-day drama couples who fit the description!

Hedeya & El Kebeer

Could anyone question these two? Ahmed Mekki and Donya Samir Ghanem screamed CHEMISTRY whenever they teamed up. But El Kebeer was something else. As a couple, they cracked us up for years, were really conservative yet progressive and really passionate!

Zat & Abdel Hamid

Honestly, there’s nothing we miss more than these two together. To the point where people still make a Zat & Abdel Hamid fan pages and exchange all kinds of theories. They may not be the “hottest” couple out there, but they were the most real.

Abdel Kader & Zaynab

El Khawaga Abdel Kader is one of our favorite Egyptian dramas of all time. And looking back on Abdel Kader and Zaynab, man were they iconic! A passionate, true, and spiritual bond that is just out of this world.

Toqa & Samir

A modern-day Romeo & Juliet? By all means. Hatha El Masaa’ is another Egyptian drama gem and the lead couple is even more PRECIOUS. We just hoped they weren’t typical star-crossed-lovers that’s all!

Tarek & Taheya

Four years back, we got to witness one of Naguib Mahfouz’s most thrilling and complex novels turned into a show. Taheya and Tarek, portrayed by Mona Zaki and Eyad Nassar, were really meant for greatness. You know what? We are binge watching it AGAIN.

Omar & Sokar

You did see this coming, didn’t you? Well, there’s no couple list without mentioning our latest hot couple from Ramadan’s B 100 Wesh!

So, did your favorite drama couple make the cut?